Research & Development

As Europe's largest manufacturer of boilers and environmental protection equipment for power generation sector, we feel committed to both the development of new and the modernization of our existing products and technologies. Particular emphasis on development – provided for in the long-term investment strategy – and a group of the best specialists allows us to search for innovative ideas and create innovative solutions.

As part of our research and development activities, we cooperate closely with many scientific institutions, including the Wrocław University of Technology, Silesian University of Technology, The Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Cracow, Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery  PAN (Polish Academy of Sciences) in Gdańsk (…).RAFAKO's projects focus on several thematic groups, including: development of boiler technologies and environmental installations, including flue gas desulphurisation and nitric oxides removal as well as modernisation of dust removal equipment.

RAFAKO's innovative activities are financed by the company's own resources and also through public funding. This funding is obtained through the active participation of RAFAKO both in national programmes managed by the National Centre for Research and Development and in EU projects.