“Power Units 200+ Program. Innovative technology of changing the operating regime of 200 MWe power units

Project goal:

Development of innovative, modern and, at the same time, low financial input technical, organisational, legal and business solutions enabling the implementation of significant changes to the operation of 200MWe class power-generating units adapting them to new requirements and to a specific operating regime with greater load variability and with a large number of shutdowns and starts, while taking into account the fact that the existing units are to be operated for the next 15-20 years:

  • Phase I:         conceptual design,
  • Phase II:        laboratory-scale verification of the concept,
  • Phase III:       implementation at the reference plant.

Project phases:

Implementation and testing of a number of technological solutions, which, after checking at the reference unit, will be individually selected for other units, taking into account the technical condition of the given unit. During the execution of studies, detailed analyses and engineering of selected plants within Phase II of the Program, RAFAKO and its Partners developed the optimal, comprehensive solutions to adapt existing power-generating units to the stricter OSP requirements concerning the operational dynamics of the units and environmental regulation.

In 2020, a pre-commercial project of modernisation of the reference unit shall be completed and in the first quarter of 2021 the optimisation of power unit operation under new conditions, performance testing confirming the flexible and safe operation of the power-generating unit with a large number of shutdowns and start-ups and with a possibility of operation under low load during the period of lower electricity demand shall be carried out. he proposed method has a good chance of commercialisation in domestic and foreign power plants fired with both hard coal and lignite.

As a reference unit RAFAKO has selected the unit no. 6 in Jaworzno III Power Plant of TAURON Wytwarzanie S.A. 

Project consortium:

RAFAKO S.A.  – Contractor,

Main Partners: SIEMENS, Silesian Technical University, Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy, Energoprojekt Katowice, Energopomiar, FPM Mikołów and TAURON Wytwarzanie

Project value:

Phase I – PLN 100.000 gross; Phase II – PLN 2.500.00 gross; Phase III – PLN 86.552.458,60 gross.

Additional financing of the project:

100 % of the project value

Project time schedule:

Phase I and II – completed, completion of Phase III: 31 March 2021.