“Flexibility of the existing power-generating units with limited investment outlay”


Project goal:

The growing share of renewable energy sources (RES) in the energy mix of Poland and other European Union countries makes the power generation sector struggle with the issue of reduced profitability of coal-fired power-generating units. Currently, in order to ensure the required reserve for the unforeseen reduction in the power generation from RES, a large proportion of conventional units must be mobilised during periods when the market price for electricity is lower than the variable cost of its production. On the other hand, the increasing share of RES contributes to the need to periodically shut down the units or keep them in hot reserve, which in turn is costly due to the cost of additional starts and the higher than before maintenance costs.

Within the framework of the implementation of this project, it is proposed to use a solution to improve the operational economy of conventional power generation units by:

- increasing the operational flexibility,

- reducing the current technical minimum.

Project results:

The following results of the project are foreseen:

- the possibility of reduced electric energy generation during the low price periods thus reducing the losses associated with the need to generate electricity below variable costs. The proposed solution is expected to reduce the technical minimum of the units in specific cases to around 25% rated power.

- the possibility of providing the required power reserve for the electricity system using fewer units. Due to the increased flexibility it will be possible to shut down some conventional generating units, which are currently held in hot reserve, thus contributing to the higher rate of use of RES.

Project consortium:


Project value:

PLN 9 399 511,11 including RAFAKO S.A. budget of PLN 2 369 625

Additional financing of the project:

PLN 5 710 961,27

Project time schedule:

2017 – 2020