“System of CO2 methanisation as chemical accumulator of excess power in the power plants: CO2 – SNG”

Project goal:

The goals of CO2-SNG project combine simultaneous solution of the issues related with CO2 use and storage of energy generated by RES. Carbon dioxide captured from flue gases originating from power-generating unit combined with hydrogen produced in an w electrolyser is converted to synthetic natural gas (SNG) in special methanisation reactors SNG. This enables the use of excess energy originating from RES, which is expected to reach more than 40% of the energy mix in the coming decades.

Project results:

Construction, start-up and one-year testing in the pilot plant. Development of the concept of industrial plant.

Project consortium:

TAURON Wytwarzanie S.A. – LEADER, CEA, ATMOSTAT, AGH, IChPW, RAFAKO S.A., WTT Polska and Exergon Sp. z o.o