“Development of low-investment method of increasing the effectiveness of flue gas desulphurisation plants”


Project goal:

The goal of the project is to develop and implement a technology that increases the effectiveness of the desulphurisation process, which, in order to reduce the high cost of installation of additional absorbers, enables the more efficient use of the existing equipment.

Project results

The developed method will be particularly attractive - and thus it is expected to be the most applicable - for power-generating facilities meeting the following conditions:

  1. operating the wet lime-gypsum method flue gas desulphurisation plants featuring the classic absorber in form of spray tower,
  2. for which emission limits are expected to be tightened compared to the base desulphurisation plant project requiring modernisation, at least within the area of an absorber,
  3. for which the use of higher sulphur-contents fuels is foreseen in the future with simultaneous obligation to meet the base or more stringent emission limits.

In particular, the method will be suitable for plants fired with high sulphur contents, locally extracted coal without the possibility of treating or alteration thereof, which includes virtually all lignite-fired facilities.

The innovative advantage when compared with known solutions is that the new solution assumes a significant improvement in the effectiveness of SO2 removal by integrating several phenomena known and used in absorbers, the most important of which are: secondary atomization of absorption liquid droplets and the introduction of a special filling that extends contact time while increasing the relative speed of gas molecules relative to liquid droplets. The effect of the actions will be achieved by increasing the effectiveness of SO2 removal at the same L/G, that is, for the same efficiency of circulation pumps. Therefore, there is no increase in the power demand of the pumps for the injection of the absorption suspension. This technology represents an important development of the so-called "sieve-shelf technology" offered by RAFAKO S.A. and other entities.

Project consortium:

RAFAKO S.A. – LEADER, PGE GiEK S.A. / Bełchatów Power Plant

Project value:

PLN 11 647 934,38 including RAFAKO S.A. budget of PLN 2 267 290,91

Additional financing of the project:

PLN 5 083 749,22

Project time schedule:

29.04.2017 -  28.04.2020