“HYBRID emission reduction system for acidic compounds and fly ash from flue gases”


Project information:

Project co-financed by European Union from European Reginal Development Fund within the framework of Operational Program of Intelligent Development. Project implemented within the framework of the competition run by the National Research and Development Centre: “Application Projects” Contest 1/4.1.4/2017/POIR

Project goal:

The goal of the project is to develop a new class of multifunctional hybrid filter, HYBRID+, consisting in the development of a classic hybrid filter through the use of an innovative solution featuring an electrostatic agglomeration unit designed for loading and agglomerating dust particles and a dry sorbent injection system. These components will be integrated into a single, compact device, which distinguishes this design from other market solutions.

Project results:

The result of the project will ensure that the permissible levels of dust and SO2 emissions are met when rationalising investment and operating costs. The filter will be implemented as a basic environmental protection installation on the market of medium-sized combustion facilities, which, starting from 2025, will be subject to stricter emission standards (MCP Directive). Thanks to the additional functionality of the solution, i.e. reducing the emissions of HCl, HF and heavy metals (Hg) in the same process, the product meets the pro-environmental social expectations and may be applied in other branches of industry. The application of electrostatic agglomeration unit changes the fractional distribution of fly ash particles to a more favourable for dust removal and heavy metals (Hg) emission reduction processes. Electrification of particles in the agglomeration unit shall promote the achievement of more porous filter cake structure, which will increase the efficiency of absorption of acidic compounds. The purpose of industrial research is to design the HYBRID+ filter. The research will be carried out in the existing demonstration plant on the site of the Łaziska Power Plant and the electrostatic agglomeration unit testing station. As part of the development work, the demonstration plant will be upgraded and the HYBRID+ filter will be tested and optimised in industrial conditions. The project will be completed with a feasibility study and elaboration of guidelines for filter selection and design. This will enable the implementation of the finished product immediately after the end of the project.

Project consortium:

RAFAKO S.A. – LEADER, Roberta Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery of Polish Academy of Sciences, TAURON Wytwarzanie S.A.

Project value:

PLN 6 821 935,00 including RAFAKO S.A. budget of PLN 3 229 210,00

Additional financing of the project:

PLN 4 401 519,63 including RAFAKO S.A. share of PLN 1 466 269,63

Project time schedule:

2018 - 2021