RAFAKO S.A. offers:

  • complete power generation units,
  • waste incineration plants and biomass combustion plants,
  • steam and hot water boilers fired with fossil fuels, including PC boilers for sub- and supercritical steam parameters, CFB boilers, stoker fired boilers,
  • boilers for waste incineration and biomass combustion,
  • heat recovery steam generators,
  • flue gas desulfurization plants based on absorption methods, including wet lime and semi-dry methods,
  • NOx reduction systems, including system based on selective catalytic reduction (SCR),
  • dust removal equipment, including electrostatic precipitators,
  • diagnostics, consulting as well as repairs and modernization of boilers, boiler auxiliaries and FGD plants,
  • production of boiler components and auxiliaries, including firing systems, air heaters, flue gas and air ducts, steel structures and other equipment and plants.