Proffesional Training Centre

Due to the importance of welding technologies in the company's production processes, RAFAKO S.A., since long time, performs on its own the training of its welders in its own welding centre also known as PROFESSIONAL TRAINING CENTRE. This centre is recognised by Technical Supervision Office within the field of training and organisation of examinations for welders in accordance with the provisions of Technical Supervision DT-S/94 and EN 287-1. Certification issued on 8 March 1996 and registered under number 1/07/1996.

The training centre was created on the basis of the School Workshops of the Factory School and Welding Centre and thus inherited more than forty years of experience in training and shaping of RAFAKO S.A. staff. The centre employs specialists, having unique knowledge transferred and improved over all these years.

The extension of the field of operation of the Welding Training Centre through its transformation into RAFAKO S.A. Professional Training Centre has opened the following possibilities:

  • conducting of modular welding courses to ensure the supply of new welders and maintaining the welder base according to the demand of RAFAKO S.A.
  • co-conducting of examination and extension examinations with participation of UDT and TÜV inspectors,
  • execution of weld joints included in the company’s certification procedures,
  • execution of weld joints in order to master the new welding techniques and technologies,
  • testing of new welding equipment and welding consumables,
  • performance of weld joint heat treatment processes,
  • training of juvenile workers in the profession 722204 Fitter,
  • training of external personnel within the field of welding skills.

The Centre has a welding plant with forty stations equipped with modern welding equipment meeting the requirements of ISO-9001. The welding stations have dust extraction equipment that meets the requirements of ISO-14001. In addition, the Centre has a workshop for preparing of weld joints, cloakroom, canteen and classroom with audio-visual equipment.

The Centre conducts both theoretical and practical classes. Theoretical classes are conducted by high-class specialists from the Chief Welding Specialist department and the practical classes are conducted by welding instructors with certificates issued by the Institute of Welding in Gliwice, as well as UDT and TÜV certificates in welding methods 135, 141 and 111.

The Centre closely co-operates with the Central Laboratory recognised by UDT and TÜV within the field of radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic, penetration, metallographic and other mechanical testing.

The Centre offers modular (I – III stages) welding courses and examination and extension examinations involving UDT and TÜV for Labour Offices, companies, schools and individuals.

The Centre guarantees a very high level of qualification and skills of trained welders.

We invite labour offices, companies, schools and individuals to co-operate with us.

Our address:
Oddział Szkolenia Zawodowego
ul. Łąkowa 33
47-400 Racibórz
phone no.: (032) 410 1816, 410 1822, fax: (032) 410 1815.