Flue gas desulphurisation

Currently RAFAKO offers a wide range of flue gas desulphurisation plants meeting various customers requirements. The methods can be classified according to sorbent form as well as reaction location and end product.

RAFAKO offers the following FGD methods:

Semi-dry methods:

  • combination of the dry process with flue gas spraying with water in reactor arranged downstream the boiler,
  • semi-dry method including flue gas contact with sorbent and recirculated agent solution in reactor equipped with atomizer,
  • semi-dry method carried out in the following 3 steps: flue gas conditioning, flue gas contact with dry sorbent in form of Ca(OH)2 and finally sorbent and ash recycling in pneumatic reactor.

Wet lime method:

  • flue gas washing with quicklime or limestone aqueous suspension.

Above mentioned methods may be classified as absorption methods with the use of lime, limestone or hydrated lime as sorbent. Within the field of semi-dry methods RAFAKO S.A. owns technology based on pneumatic reactor and is the licensee of the method with the use of atomizer. Wet lime method is offered on the grounds of an acquired license which enables RAFAKO S.A. to offer and deliver wet flue gas desulphurisation plants on turnkey basis.


RAFAKO S.A. is capable to design and fabricate equipment fulfilling the requirements of (BAT) Best Available Techniques.