Rotary heat exchangers


RAFAKO S.A has been manufacturing rotary heat exchangers since 1959, over than, 850 heaters of various sizes (from 17 to 34.5) have been manufactured, including 16 horizontal axis heaters and one flue-gas heater for a desulphurization plant.

As the technological advancement progressed, original bearing rotor heaters with upper bearing were replaced with new lower bearing models. Technological development of the construction allowed to reduce leakage to 6-8%, depending on construction and size of heater. Beside production of new heaters, RAFAKO S.A. delivered components and undertook “turn-key” modernizations of heaters. The following works are performed as part of every heater modernization, based on individual requirements:

- evaluation of necessary scope of modernization, based on inspection (inventory control of heater)
- preparation of technical documentation manufacture of parts required for modernization (overhaul) installation, -regulation and start-up measurement of achieved parameters after modernization (overhaul)
- issue of modernization acknowledgement document (hand-ove