Safety procedures imposed at RAFAKO S.A. premises and construction sites on 16 March, 2020 16 march 2020

Ensuring the highest safety standards, RAFAKO S.A. have implemented the procedures in accordance with the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspector and the Ministry of Health. We are taking our best efforts in order to ensure our employees and contractors’ safety.

All employees whose nature of work makes it possible, have been delegated to remote working by the Management Board. Strengthened sanitary procedures have been introduced in RAFAKO premises and at construction sites.

RAFAKO S.A. have neither suspended production nor limited their activities in the contracts being currently executed. The company has been following the instructions issued by the Chief Sanitary Inspector and the Ministry of Health. These are constantly being monitored so that the safety measures at RAFAKO would always be up-to-date and compliant with the latest knowledge and instructions by the sanitary bodies. The employees are kept well-informed about them.

Body temperature is being taken at the entrance to the company’s premises. Our employees have also been advised to take body temperature at home before going to work. Additionally, the obligatory temperature measurement will concern our guests arriving at the company, as well. Persons refusing to subject themselves to temperature measurement will not be allowed to enter our premises.    

To the necessary minimum have we limited the movement of workers between buildings. Inside the commonly available rooms we have implemented guidelines with the objective to reduce the number of people who may stay there at the same time. Both internal and external meetings are held as teleconferences or videoconferences. With foreign business trips having been limited earlier, we are currently implementing the total ban on them. 

Theme posters have been hung in numerous places. They inform about how to maintain hygiene, include instructions on hand washing and safety principles regarding the prevention of the virus spread. In this respect the communication is multi-channel and uses communication means adequate to various workplaces. Individuals holding managerial positions at construction sites have been provided with the appropriate instructions, depending on the developments in the situation. 

As concerns the Jaworzno Project, the Purchaser, i.e. the company of Nowe Jaworzno Tauron Group, has introduced his own procedures and protective measures at the construction site of the new unit. Notwithstanding the application of those procedures, our employees and subcontractors are obligated to follow the regulations valid at RAFAKO Group.   
By virtue of the President of the Board’s decision, a Crisis Management Team has been established who, analysing the current situation, will be taking decisions regarding possible changes to the company’s rules of functioning. The situation is being monitored and analysed on the current basis during day-to-day teleconferences with the President of the Board.

All our employees have been provided with a special e-mail address where they are asked for any queries concerning the current epidemiology situation and the company’s activities in this regard. 


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