RAFAKO selected preferred bidder for construction of two gas compressor stations in Estonia 20 march 2018

Elering AS of Tallinn selected RAFAKO as the preferred bidder in a tender procedure for the turnkey construction of two gas compressor stations Paldiski and Puiatu in Estonia. The value of the Company’s bid is EUR 50m (approximately PLN 210m) VAT-exclusive.

The tender procedure provides for a 14-day period for filing complaints and explanations. After the period expires, RAFAKO will be able to sign a contract for the project. The Group will use its own capabilities and the resources of its local partners to deliver the project.

The compressor stations are part of the larger Balticconnector gas pipeline project, which is an important element of Finland’s and the EU’s energy security strategy. Once completed, Balticconnector will contribute to the fuller integration of the UE gas markets by providing a link between the transmission systems of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, and it will help to diversify gas sources.

“As previously announced, RAFAKO is diversifying its business by entering the promising oil and gas market segment. The project for the construction of two gas compressor stations in Estonia marks the first success of our revised strategy that the company will soon unveil,’ said Agnieszka Wasilewska-Semail, President of the RAFAKO Management Board.

RAFAKO S.A. is the undisputed leader of the Polish market for power generation equipment. It is a general contractor for power generation units and Europe’s largest producer of steam generators. The Company offers the design and manufacture of a wide range of steam generators, including supercritical and fluidised bed boilers, as well as environmental protection equipment, including flue gas desulfurisation and deNox systems and electrostatic precipitators. In addition, for many years it has supplied boilers for thermal waste treatment, biomass combustion and heat recovery, and is also the Polish market’s leader in wet and semi-dry flue gas desulfurisation systems. The Company has a proven track record of projects executed in many countries across Europe and Asia, including China, Turkey, India, the Balkans, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Scandinavia.



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