SCR Selektive catalitic removal of nitrogen oxides from flue gas

Meeting the power generation sector needs within the field of compliance with new environment protection standards concerning the emissions of nitrogen oxides, RAFAKO S.A. has extended its offer with systems for catalytic removal of nitric oxides from flue gas also known as SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems.

SCR technology has earned the status of BAT (Best Available Technique) and is applied for both new and modernised boiler units. In conjunction with already offered primary methods of nitrogen oxides emission reduction RAFAKO S.A. is able to select and offer the best solutions from both technical and economical point of view.
License agreement signed in 2009 with Milanese company Termokimik Corporation Impianti e Procedimenti Industriali S.p.A. enables RAFAKO S.A. to use the know-how and references. The licensor belongs to the world’s leaders within the SCR-based denitrification plant supplies for both coal and fuel oil-fired power generating units.
SCR process consists in reaction of NO and NO2 (NOx) nitric oxides with a reagent added to the flue gas stream. Aforesaid reaction takes place on a surface of a catalyst at a temperature ranging from 300 to 400oC. It enables the achievement of nitrogen oxides emission reduction efficiency exceeding the threshold of 90%.
Catalysts, using the vanadium, tungsten and titanium oxides as active substances, are made in form of plates pressed with honeycomb or similar pattern. In all cases the catalysts are delivered and installed as modules (metallic baskets containing c.a. 1 - 3 m2 of catalysts). Depending on flue gas characteristics, RAFAKO S.A. applies all types of catalysts that are available on the market.