Enviroment protection plants

Fossil fuel combustion process generate a number of harmful substances. The most popular air pollutants are SO2, NOx, CO, dust, heavy metals, dioxins and aerosols of sulphuric acid.

New power generation units fired with fosil fuels must be equipped with comprehensive flue gas cleaning system. Generally, this system comprises 3 stages:



RAFAKO S.A., one of the leading European power generation equipment producers, offers various technologies within all of the above mentioned solution, thus enabling meeting both environment protection regulations and individual needs of the plant operator.

Reacting to market demands, during the recent years RAFAKO S.A. implemented numerous programs focused on quality and environment management, which is confirmed by ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certificates as well as European Directive 97/23/EC mark.

RAFAKO S.A. is an experienced company offering design and delivery of all three flue gas cleaning systems fulfilling the requirements of the Best Available Techniques.